How to do this diet, my way!

I am not a Doctor so again, I repeat what I will share is my way to work this diet into your planned program.

The books I recommended on my earlier pages is the “instructions and info” to do this diet. Please read through the books I showed you.  They will give you an idea of what to do.

Please let me be clear.

What I am about to share with you is the mental approach, that I think in my humble opinion that will ease you into this diet program.

I created it and I know you will not read it anywhere but here.  Why do I know this?  Because I went through books on dieting but never seen my approach in detail as I will share with you now.



First and foremost, I want you to visualize in your being that you have 2 separate entities.

Your mind and your body.

Please bear with me it will only come clearer later.

Now, I’m no psychiatrist and have no college degree on anything, but I do know it will work if you can “see” what I’m saying.

Now the mind, to me, is a powerful part of you. It creates notions, can problem solve and create anything when used.  Seems logical that the mind can do it all.

Now comes the body.  It is not a mind. It does not have thoughts, cannot imagine and cannot create.



Here is the problem, when you get fat, something strange happens.  Like a drug addict the body turn into a monster. The mind is useless.  The body takes over the being and whaddah you know, like a tsunami wave the body opens your mouth and stuff all sorts of foods down it. You cannot resist, too powerful. The mind loses.

No discrimination, your body eats everything and anything.

Can you relate so far? Hmmm….?

Remember the body have no mind. It cannot think but the body have a survival mechanism. What does it do, you ask?  IT EATS.

As soon as the body empties out what you ate a few hours ago, the body go into crave mode. The mind just accept and follow the boss.

It reminds me of my father a heavy smoker,  had an open-heart surgery when I was in my 20s. He was confined in a hospital bed to recover.  Our family visited him and first words he said,

“I need tobacco! Go to the store and buy me a carton of Marlboros! Go now!”  After he went though a cigarette or 2, he would say to us, “No smoke! No good for you!” As he smoked out the ICU room.

Yes, the body is 100 times stronger than the mind. There are many examples. I know you can relate to support my point.


What is my point? The mind stands no chance. It cannot handle the bodie’s addiction.


AHH, but have no fear Frank is here, I have a solution! Yaay!!!

Now, this is how I share this with others.

After you read the books I recommend you will be armed with the knowledge to implement this diet.

Remember I said your body is your real problem. It does not know and think. It is only addicted. What you do next is feed your body with the things the books recommend.

The body will not know what you’re putting in your mouth, only that it will quiet down the craving. Its only concern is you feed the body and you did just that, you satisfied it, for the time being.  That is the mind’s job, but you have the power to choose the food.


Keep feeding the body with the “RIGHT” food. You read the books so you know what that right foods are.



Yes it takes 3 days for your body will be free of addiction.  Will it be easy? Heck no!!! This is the critical stage remember at this time the body is still in “strong addiction.”  Don’t fool yourself.   You are far from out of the woods at this time. No way no how! 

Rest assured after 72 hours your appetite will subside. After 5-7 days you will go into ketosis. (means fat burning)

Side effects, you ask?  Some have sweating, dizziness and headaches.  Please hang in there, these discomforts will subside. You need to go through this process, it will go away not to worry.

At this time, your body’s cravings  will get weaker and weaker.

At this point in time, your body will make what is called a “metabolic switch.”  Simply it only means your body will consume instead of foods you fed down your throat before, you now eat your own body fat.

Did you follow that? I said your body will “eat” your own body fat, that’s why your cravings will come down. Your body is constantly eating but your mind, you, have directed your body to consume body fat. 

Magical, nah just a healthier choice on your part, that will work.

Ain’t that neat!  The one thing you wanna get rid of you have just done it.  That my friend is the only and best way to get rid of that unwanted fat.  In medical science term is called,  “lypolysis ketosis,” or in simple terms burn body fat.


What will you notice first and foremost??? 


Where does this energy come from, you ask?

BODY FAT!  Yes, you kidding! 

You will lose your appetite for foods in general and then weight loss will naturally kick in.

Will you stop there?  Heck no!  The excitement have just begun my dear friend.  Continue to do this until you are satisfied and achieve your goal weight.

This is the best diet in the world my friends.

Pretty soon, weight loss will only be “gravy.”  You will love the compliments from friends and family.  People you have not seen for a long time will take a second look.

“Is that you? Where is the rest of you! Wow! You look like a million dollars!”

You will feel great, your clothes will get baggy and you will need new set of smaller clothes.  LOLs!

Your eyes will look big cause the fat on your face will dissolve. You will feel  rib cage where fat formed. You will actually feel muscle where fat was growing.  Your whole body will morph into something special, a new you.