How I lost my weight

A photo of me and my lovely wife in 1983 on wedding night.  Don’t be fooled, I was 135 lbs, the years followed I bloomed to 235 pounds and growing.

Before my bout with the stroke, at age of 47 , dieting were nothing new to me. I tried everything, almost, that would solve my weight gain.

See I was 115 pounds and  I got my first job working for an advertising agency, right out of high school and then the weight came. 

See folks here in Hawaii we have food drive-ins that specialize in “plate lunches” unlike McDonalds or Burger King, food establishments sell here in Hawaii foam plates containers filled with 2 scoops or rice, a meat choice and most times macaroni or potato salads. These dishes can easily add pounds to your body real fast.

I believe that was part of the culprit that contributed to my weight gain. Not to forget my wife’s delicious bake goodies.


To solve my weight gain, I did every type of dieting that I know of, through TV and printed media. It did little good to solve my weight gain.

I went on a veggie diet it helped some.   I lost weight but I gained it all back and more.  I went on a canned drink diet that promise to slim me fast. That only gave me diarrhea. Yes it made me lose some weight but I gained it all back and more, same story.

I tried the “standard American diet” exercise and eat less. My eating became voracious, I ate anything and everything in sight.  

No remedy I tried helped me. I continued to gain the pounds that lead me to my life changing illness. There was something missing in the diets I tried that somehow didn’t get to the root of the problem, that I later found out.



As said on my home page my Doctor introduced me to Atkins Diet.  I read the whole book and followed the strategies.

I personally had my concerns like eating red meats and fats were not good.  I would end up getting a heart attack and stuff, so I believed.

One thing that I remember he said was, “Frank there are no evidence in medical journals, etc., that proves red meats causes cancer.

I was taken back. Huhh? Wha?? Naah, no kidding!

So I at first had my doubts but I went and got the book.

Doc told me I can find it in a white paperback book. You can find it here on my site. 

“Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution.

Dr. Robert Akins taught me what causes my weight gain and It all made sense to me. He shared with me that it takes 72 hours for your body to make what is called, a “metabolic switch.”  Don’t worry it only means that your body “eats” your body fat that produces energy.

Whaa?  Not!  No way! Yuup, you gottaah check it out.

OK folks I’m getting ahead of myself to explain this somewhat complex change the body does.  Let me explain it ever so simply.

The body have only 2 ways to produce energy for you. One is by eating carbohydrates (sugar foods) the body uses it but when left in your blood stream the body kicks in insulin produced from the pancreas to cleanse the blood,  the body and if not used go right into your fat cells.

I’m skimming over the way the body works so please understand it is more than that.  Read the book it’ll explain. I’m only giving you a brief synopsis, OK!???

Now where was I, ohh yes.

That’s why we call insulin the fat hormone. Don’t get me wrong, insulin is very important it helps to cleanse the blood from toxins. Believe it or not it goes right into your fat cells and that my friend is how you and me get fat.

Only one condition my friend, if you are not a human it will not apply to you.  The rest of us, it applies, sorry.

All science folks. 

I will spit out some medical terms but I’ll make it easy for you to understand. I promise. I will too give you the real secret the food industry don’t want you to know why we get fat.  I have books that will reveal to you more about it but I’ll explain it later.

What you should know is what I will share with you is absolutely factual and backed by science.  Even a medical research team based at Stanford Medical Center led by a Medical Doctor by the name of Christopher Gardner confirmed what I am about to share with you is correct.  

How you like them apples? Plus Mr. Gardner thought his diet was the best. He has been a vegetarian from over 25 years and he got it all wrong.  He humbly admitted the ketogenic diet or Atkins diet (one and the same) won out big time in the research he led.

All good and what I share with you will make you lose weight, and fast.

Now at the time, 17 years ago,  I read this book several times at least 5 times or more. I was 235 and went down to 160.

I lost 70 big fat pounds. I got books that had “Atkins” on it.  At that time I became a fanatic and got every book by this guy. He became my hero who saved my life.

As I continued my journey to learn more, I came across another person by the name of Gary Taubes.  What makes him so special to me is that he is a science investigator. He is a kind of a guy who would go so far as to try an debunk anything that appeared “controversial.”

One day a colleague approached him 

As he research everything and any thing that something to do with diet he would research it. He even went back, way back into history books, etc. and to his surprise he found this diet to be safe and the “right” diet for mankind.

Now get this, he came from “outside” to study this diet and later became a believer.

The guy investigates science of any kind.  One day he was approached by another and told him to investigate the diet industry. He told Gary there are a lot you will find out. The guy told him to check out the Atkins diet.

He did and he wrote 2 books at the time, “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” and “Why we gain weight and what to do about it.”

You wanna learn what he found out read the first one. Now if you want to cut to the chase, read the 2nd one,

“Why we gain weight and what to do about it!”  Simple read and easy understand.