Yep that's me above.

Hi, my name is Frank and 17 years ago at age 47, I suffered what is called a mild stroke. What I believe contributed to my problem you ask? I was 235 pounds.  I felt, I am so fat I need help.  At 5′-8″ tall I would consider myself obese and something bad was waiting to happen, and it did.

Was I worried, you ask?  Heck yeah! I had a growing-young family.  A wife and an 11 year old daughter that depended on me financially,they needed a father, around.  

I still remember that day so vividly that it is seared in my brain. It was mid year 2001 when during a lunch break went to Burger King that was over a block away to get me a Whopper meal.  As I entered my car, I had what appeared to me a slight dizziness and my head felt like a mini tornado entered my skull.  My eyes rolled as if it wanted to look inside my eye sockets.

Some how I got to Burger King how, I don’t know.  One thing I did notice was my grip on my steering wheel felt weird as if, my right hand had a slight numbness on 2 fingers, my middle and ring finger.  My tongue had a weird feeling, too. I found out real fast the uses of my middle fingers. Imagine using the toilet for one and I’m right handed.

When I entered the restaurant and came up to the counter clerk to order my meal, I began to slur.  What the heck was going on. As I ate my burger and fries the food didn’t taste good.  I know what a whopper and fries taste like, but I felt as if I had a rubber raincoat around my tongue. There was no taste, sort of like eating cardboard. What was weirder my tongue had no control, as if half of it went on strike and it just twirled inside of my mouth.

I came back to my workplace and mentioned this to my co-worker near by and of course he noticed my slurring.  He was on the computer, as I spoke his eyes lit up and rushed up to me and said, “Frank lets get your ass to your Doc,  I think you have a stroke!”

Whaa??  Now that was not what I wanted to hear.  47 years old, stroke!



I called Dr. Baysa my family Doctor and asked Malia his office secretary if she could fit me in for an appointment.  I got it and Doc saw me around 2:30-ish that same afternoon. The moment he saw me he immediately made me go see a Neurologist.

As Doc was observing me and checking me over he advised me to go on the Atkins Diet, told me I can find it at most book stores.  He described the book as white in paperback. Earlier editions was originally red.

My immediate response was, “Is that about eating red meats and fats?”  Ain’t that funny I had concerns about eating red meat, etc. and I at the time was in worst physical shape of my life, lols.  He said that there are no evidence in medical journals that proves red meats, etc. causes health problems like cancer.

I took his advice and went to a book store and bought, “Atkin’s Diet Revolution – Second Addition” published in the late 90s. A white paperback book.




I went down from 38 to 32 pants size.  At my worst I was 235 and went down to as low as 165.  That’s 70 pounds.  My face got smaller and eyes got bigger.  I could finally feel ribs on my body, Where fat was in my back of my neck,  I could feel my back bones.  My double chin disappeared and my overall body made my clothes look baggy.

The journey was easy for me, for there were no choices. I did it for my family, period.  No considerations on my part because there were none.  It was me being 6 feet under or live a life with my family.  

What I had and I didn’t no it at the time, was an eating problem.  No it was not laziness, that was only the symptom of the problem.  Bad food choices were the real culprits.  

Sounds easy to correct?  You bet it is. It will all come together as you go through my site, I promise.

Going forward, I will share with you what you need to do to lose that fat you have on.  Very logical and to the point no ifs or buts.  I give no bullshit!  All makes a lot of sense. Why and what caused you to be fat?

I know, I know you’re saying, “Hey Frank you ain’t a Doctor, I’m not gonna listen to a word you say!”  Fair enough, all I ask ma’am/sir is to check my opinion and see if it is factual.  I will pull out research so easy that even a kid would understand.  All backed by science folks. You will see.

Again, I am not a Doctor but I did my own reading on this subject and I will share all you need to know. 

There are books that I will share with you.  So please read on, it will save your life.  For it certainly did me.

One thing is for sure, I lived it, I experienced it and I hope to God you don’t go through it.  So please read on I want to save your life or better lose weight and look gorgeous or handsome!

Are you ready?  Here’s to a healthy life, bar none! In my humble opinion.